Safety Matters Inc., OSHA Training for the Construction and Industrial Operators

Our Mission

At Safety Matters, our mission is to reduce the tragic and costly accidents that take the lives of six construction men and women in the United States each day. We offer valuable, extensive training for both employees and owners.

We are dedicated to assisting contractors and industrial operators in reducing worker injuries and illnesses.

This personalized service is of measurable value to employers in reduced or stabilized insurance costs, reduced OSHA citations, and improved worker attitude and performance.

OSHA Training

Did You Know …

According to OSHA, workplace fires and explosions kill 200 and injure more than 5,000 workers each year. They cost businesses more than $2.3 billion in property damage. Don’t add to these statistics — get the facts on OSHA’s Fire Protection standards.

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DOT Compliance

Did You Know …

According to the 2006 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s report, about one in 20 drivers will be involved in an accident. The study also shows that there are roughly 141,000 truck crashes every year, and 77,000 of these was the direct fault of the truck driver.

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MSHA Training

Did You Know …

In 1978, the first year the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) operated under the new Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, 242 miners died in mining accidents. Last year, in CY 2006, 72 fatalities were reported.

The Right Training Makes All the Difference …

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